Should Corporate Agribusiness Lobbyists and Money Drive Organic Policy?

Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) &
Pat Roberts (R-KS)


Representatives from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, United Egg Producers (UEP), National Pork Producers Council, US Cattlemen’s Association and the National Turkey Federation were all singing out of the same hymnal (and the elected representatives present joined in perfect harmony).


  1. 阻止任何有意义的转基因标签的尝试
  1. 免除畜牧产品,粮食委员会的转基因生物,从任何未来可能的标签要求
  1. 阻止政府努力为市场中的家庭农民实施保护(谷物检验,包装商和畜牧业管理或GIPSA)
  1. 强迫EPA在环境保护方面放弃农民的挑选
  1. 在拟议的美国农业部有机动物福利规则中听说,举行强烈抗议。与这些规则一样弱,它们仍然100%不可接受(即使是每鸡肉1.5-2平方英尺的贫血要求对于工厂农场运营商来说太多了)




  • 在这个国家有一亿只鸟类在这个国家生产鸡蛋,他们现在是30%的笼子。那些无笼的鸟类(1500万)的一半正在生产有机卵[主要是限制]。
  • By 2030, 60% will be cage-free (based on demands from food service).
  • 在实施有机动物福利的任何新规则之前,该行业目击者呼吁美国农业部的“更好的经济分析”。
  • 门廊禽类系统(solid floor structures with roofs) protect birds from exposure to Salmonella and Avian Influenza [It should be noted that the largest outbreaks in this country have been tied to giant concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), not to family-scale farms that let their birds outdoors].
  • 1亿美元投资于建筑巨头”organic” structures with porches even though the law clearly states birds must have access to the “outdoors.” It was stated that land would be expensive to actually provide birds with outdoor access.
  • Many organic egg companies will exit the industry and there will be a shortage if the rules are enacted [I say, “don’t let the door swing and hit you in the ass on your way out, thank you very much” — if some giant companies switch some of their houses back to conventional production, the marketplace will create incentives for more moderate operations to meet consumer demand].
  • The powerful committee chairman, Mr. Roberts of Kansas, in a feeble attempt at humor, ridiculed the need for enhanced animal welfare standards for poultry by suggesting that the rules would require a “big yard” [again, we’re talking just 1 or 2 square feet for chickens, unlike in Europe where organic producers must provide 43 square feet], and he suggested that maybe the rule should require piping and music by Mozart.


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