About Us

As you know, experience counts in the equine industry—the more quality work we do, the more we learn about our customers' needs and how best to accommodate them. Our 30+ years in business prove it. You can count on us for the highest quality, innovative products and the finest service available.

Newcourse Jumps didn't make it to the 1996 Olympics by taking shortcuts; it took hard work, integrity, the ability to listen and to perform in a timely manner, the hallmarks of Newcourse.

Our many years in business are important to you too. Whether it's turning your logo into a custom fence or outfitting your schooling arena, Newcourse Jumps is your best choice for lasting, quality products. You can count on it.

Whenever you're ready, we look forward to having you join our growing family of satisfied customers who have helped us along the way since 1972.

How Jumps Qualify for the Olympics

What happens to Olympic Fences


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