Newcourse Jumps

Serving the equine industry for more than 30 years, Newcourse Jumps is known for its superior quality,
innovative designs, and unsurpassed résumé.


Newcourse Jumps is your best choice for lasting, quality products, whether you are a recreational rider or a world class competitor. Whether it’s turning your logo into a custom fence, or outfitting your schooling arena, Newcourse can accommodate your particular needs.
Our Business Philosophy

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of our continuing success. We stand solidly behind each product and guarantee the highest levels of safety, quality, and durability. Our sterling reputation has been earned through hard work, integrity, the ability to listen and to perform in a timely manner. It is your guarantee of unparalleled excellence.

All of our designs are proprietary and copyrighted and are the exclusive property of Newcourse Jumps.

Custom Show Jumps

Custom logo fences are an ideal way to promote your stable. Three-dimensional logos are an intriguing way of displaying your professionalism to clients and others. What better way to promote a sale horse than through a photograph of him jumping your logo!

Turn your ideas into practical reality; custom fence design allows you to create obstacles to suit your training objectives. Small rings can become highly functional when cleverly designed, multi-purpose fences are used to maximize the space.

Custom fences are a unique way to commemorate a special event or person. Imaginative fences are perfect for making that special event truly memorable. The process of creating a design can be an enriching and rewarding experience—the end result will be cherished for years.